What is meditation?


Meditation is the silent art of diving deep within ourselves. In meditation we experience a part of ourselves  beyond the domain of  thought.

Meditation is a simple and natural exercise of silencing the mind. Sri Chinmoy says:

“When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still and silent mind and allow ourselves to be nourished and nurtured by Infinity itself.”

Our Path of Meditation

There are similarities with other types of meditation. However, in our meditation, we focus on the heart. It is in the heart where we can more easily detach from the thought process of the mind.

There are many roads that lead to Rome, Is the road ahead of you is the right one? The path that you follow is crucial to your well being and Happiness.  Many meditation classes offer you the world but how do they deliver? We at the Sri Chinmoy Centre focus on our Heart center and go beyond the mind. Mindful meditation is a misnomer, how can the mind control the mind? It lasts only as long as you can concentrate, like straightening the tail of a dog, as long as you hold on it is straight, let go and…The mind is full of doubt and division, just look at the world today, can you say that we are a loving world community?

The Heart center goes beyond the mind, the Heart is where you find Peace, Joy, Love and Bliss. Through the Heart the world finds another caring soul, Change yourself and the world around you changes, change for the better and the world is a better place.

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